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Is a Smart Toilet Worth the $$$$

Would you spend the money to transform your “throne” into a spa or in other words, is a “Smart Toilet” worth the $$$$ in your new bathroom?


The movement to be clean and green has taken over the world. We consume “green health drinks”, recycle, eat organically grown food, and build Focus on Energy Green Homes with smart technology that utilize less energy. But is a “Smart Toilet” seriously worth the extra money?

First of all, there are many different levels of smart toilets. You can pick and chose the features on which to spend your hard earned money.Some models only cost a few hundred dollars while others may put you back several thousand dollars. Several manufactures such as Kohler with their Numi Toilet, America Standard with the Spalet and DXV , and Toto have similar features.  Both companies as well as other manufacturers include the following in their high end toilets:

  • wave or sensor flush
  • the option of a battery powered or electric wired system
  • flush technology ( sensors to determine how much water and power needed to flush)
  • Automatic seats- great for those that forget to put it down
  • Automatic slowly rising and closing lids
  • LED lighted bowls and base lights
  • self cleaning
  • massaging bidets
  • cleaning and with adjustable water and pressure temperatures
  • self- cleaning
  • foot warmers and heated seats
  • remote controls
  • Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities- so you can listen to tunes while you go

If these features aren’t enough, the  Numi  by Kohler also comes with a touch screen allowing you to customize the settings for up to 6 people and a magnetic docking station to store and recharge the remote. Each user can control everything from their music, choice of water temperature and pressure, to front or rear washing, dryer temperature, and brightness of the light. But, what happens if the power goes out, the batteries die, or you have a guest? Not to worry, the manufacturers have made auxiliary controls that allow the user to control the basic functions without a remote. Also, the battery operated models come with an alarm alerting the user to change the batteries.

You ask, besides changing the ritual of using the bathroom into a luxurious spa – like experience, what is the advantage to these high end expensive toilets. Each of these toilets use considerably less water than the old manual flush toilets. Compared with the older toilets which can use 3, 5, or 7 gallons of water with each new flush the eco friendly designs use .8 gallons for liquid waste and 1.6 for solid waste. These eco- friendly toilets may save you up to $100 per year of water. Not to mention the savings of cleaning solutions, toilet paper, and your precious time spent cleaning. The question is though;how much does your spa toilet cost you in either batteries or electrical power?

No longer do we need to call, “Calgon to take me away,” we can truly sit on our “throne” for a spa experience. 


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Parents, grandparents, and children in the Fox Valley and Green Bay area have a great reason to celebrate this weekend, Opening Day of Bay Beach Amusement Park.

Our family and friends, along with thousands of other families spent countless hours at the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Bay Beach, a regional amusement park, is one of the most affordable attractions for families and tourists. Dating back to the late 1800’s, Bay Beach was donated to the city in the early 190o’s. The park offers free admission, numerous shelters, a wildlife sanctuary, and best of all, inexpensive rides. It was decreed, that the rides would remain affordable. Today, the rides continue to cost only twenty-five cents. Where else can you entertain your children with a train ride and roller coasters and stay on budget?  Of course the park offers ice cream, hot dogs, chips, and all of the usual junk food options. Bay Beach has got to be one of the best sites for a staycation. The Friends of Bay Beach keep improving the park with new rides and  updates.

For all the parents of young families, and people thinking about moving to the Fox Valley, I highly recommend packing a picnic, some bathing suits, sweatshirts (as it is often chill along Green Bay), some sunscreen, and a couple of ten dollar bills and make the jaunt up to Bay Beach. You will create memories to last a lifetime. We have numerous photos of our daughters as toddlers enjoying the rides and sights at Bay Beach.

Please share you memorable experiences at the Bay Beach Amusement Park.

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The Landscaping Dilemma

A new home, especially a newly constructed home, often comes with a blank canvas for a yard. Our new home has the front simply landscaped but the backyard barely even has grass in it. Well, to be fair, the builders planted a fast growing rye grass to cover up the soil;kind of. We are plagued with low spots that tend to flood with the melting snow and the rain. Of course, the clay soil here in the Fox Valley isn’t the best for drainage.

So what is the landscaping dilemma? My husband and I have always had beautiful yards. We are the type A personality of a weed- free yard, lush, green yard planted with beautiful flowers that have always attracted visitors and people walking by to make comments. Now, with the blank canvas of a yard, we have been visiting greenhouses and landscape companies looking at plants and trees, changing our minds, and redrawing plans over and over again.We actually planted a few trees, knowing that we really wanted a maple, apple trees, and a small crab tree for both the beauty and as a pollinator. If anyone watched us measure, remeasure, and measure again before we planted, it would have made for a great YouTube video! But the trees are in and will soon be leafing out.  One of our big problems is that our backyard backs up to an open field and the winds blow strongly across the yard. Therefore, we need a bit of a windblock. So after many trips to the landscape yards; including Vandeheys, Shade Today, Home Depot, Steins, Lowes, Shopko, and Wolfraths, I finally did for my husband exactly what I would do for clients. I moved the plants around and laid them out so that we could visualize a basic plan. I know that I want all year color so we will combine evergreens with a small red twigged dogwood. We want a variety of evergreens to bring in different colors and textures. We finally settled on three varieties and sizes of evergreens. But now, we face more problems.

We love so many different plants. We really want a yard that requires little work as we loved the condo living lifestyle that we just left. We now have to work on controlling our impulse buying. We don’t usually have a problem with impulse buying, only when it relates to landscaping. We have promised ourselves that once we get our berms built and plant the evergreens, we will progress slowly. Of course trees and evergreens are nice but we both are individually studying different plans for a perennial garden. We look lovingly at rhododendrons every day and covet hydrangea trees, rosebushes, and the newer hibiscus trees. When things progress, we will post pictures. Of course, we are buying smaller plants in order to buy more plants and to keep it affordable.

Our big landscaping dilemma really boils down to keeping it affordable, narrowing down our selections, and determining the best spot for each plant. Of course, we also need to decide whether to kill the rye grass, regrade the yard, and replant new grass. Controlling my impatience for spring, green, and a beautiful yard also adds to the landscaping dilemma.

What is your biggest landscaping dilemma?