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Buying a Home for Man’s/Woman’s Best Friend


It may sound crazy but many of us buy a house for our best friend, the family dog. Given that 99% of pet owners feel that the dog is part of the family it isn’t really all the crazy. Many Buyers undertake projects to improve the house they fall in love with if it isn’t pet friendly.

Although we personally never require a fenced in yard, doggy door, or dog wash, we always look for ease of letting the dog out on a chain and having a place to dry the dog’s feet off. 52% of dog owners surveyed under take projects to benefit their dogs. If the yard isn’t fenced, 23% build one. Dog owners also change the flooring in their homes to make maintenance easier. They prefer not to have carpeting where the dogs enter from the yard and 10% install laminate or luxury vinyl tile instead of wood. Wood floors scratch easily, especially if you have a larger dog. Although, I notice scratches on my floor and I have a 24 lb. cavachon. We installed luxury vinyl tile where we let the dog goes in and out and the clean up is easy.

Buyers should ask if fences or outdoor kennels are allowed in the neighborhood before purchasing a home. Many neighborhoods have covenants that forbid fences; especially chain link ones, kennels, and dog houses. Know your options before you buy. Is a laundry room sink important for bathing your dog when they come in from the mud? Or do you need a faucet in the garage? Today, we find clients who are building a home request a dog was either in the garage or the laundry area.

As a Buyer, do you look for a pet friendly home? What is the most important feature for you?


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Laundry Day Drudgery- Singing the Blues!


Do you dread laundry day! Your room is too small to sort out all of the piles, there is no place to hang it to dry, and forget about the folding station; it is non existent. You don’t need to do the Laundry Day Drudgery Dance with a well designed laundry room. There are 3 important factors to consider when designing a new laundry room.

  1. First of all, assess your actual laundry needs. Do you do laundry for a family or is it just one or two of you? Answering those questions help to determine the size of the machines you need. If you are just one or two people, you might want space saving stackable units. Although  some of the stackable washer and dryers may have a smaller capacity, they can be ordered in regular sizes as well. If stacking the units, make sure that you can easily reach both the top and bottom units. Once you determine the size of washer and dryers you want, then you can continue to design the rest of the room.
  2. Is laundry room storage space important to you? If so, is it just to store the detergent and softener or do you want to store other miscellaneous items in the laundry room? I personally like to store all cleaning products in my laundry room as well as vases and other items. Determining your needs ahead of building the laundry room helps to make sure you have ample storage space.
  3. How else will you use the laundry room? Do you need room for ironing, crafting, folding clothes, air drying, or wrapping gifts? What about that all important utility sink? Is a fold- down ironing board something you covet?  Many people opt to build in a dog washing station just inside the garage door or in the laundry room. A laundry room does not have to just be a laundry room anymore. It can be a catch-all, a wrapping center, or even a homework area for the kids.

Avoiding the laundry room blues makes the task so much easier. Lastly, make sure that you have enough light either from the outside or task lighting. I find dark and dreary laundry rooms makes it harder to see and remove all the stains from clothing. Don’t forget to decorate your laundry room with your favorite paint color, some fresh or artificial plants, and some accessories. Since we can’t avoid the laundry forever, having a pleasant space to do it in makes the task easier.