Just in time for winter, snow and the arctic blast our 3 season room is completed. We started planning the room last February when we met with 4 different contractors to draw up plans and give us bids. Unfortunately the process took us a lot longer than we ever anticipated as some of the contractors dropped the ball, changed jobs, and decided that they did not want to build the room. We wanted a custom built room , not one built from a kit. Once we finally settled on a contractor we were excited to begin. Unfortunately for us, it was to be a long wait.

Our 16 x 16 ft. three season room was to be started the third week of August. I don’t think we started until sometime in October. Luckily for us and for our contractor, we had a unusually warm fall. Of course we received quite a bit of rain which also set things back a bit. We received at least an inch of rain on the day the pilings were dug and poured.20161221_145125

Our contractor doesn’t like mistakes and believes in measuring twice and ordering once. Therefore our windows were ordered after everything was framed putting us back another couple of weeks. We can’t complain about that because the windows fit perfectly. Even though the room consists of mostly windows, our contractor took special care to thoroughly insulate the roof and the floor. Even with only a small electric fireplace and the 12 below zero temperatures that we received last week our room only dropped to 42 degrees. Not ideal for the Luxury Vinyl floor but so far it is working.


Our 3 season room was supposed to be done by Halloween, then by Thanksgiving, but was just completed last week. When building the client must have patience. The delays while he worked on other jobs is really our only complaint. But we have experienced that before as contractors try to satisfy several customers at once. The wait was worth it. We love the room with the high cathedral ceilings and clear story windows. It is so bright and on a sunny day reaches temperatures in the mid 70’s even with the minus zero temps with 20 below wind chills we received this past weekend. It is beautiful at night with the glow of our lights shining on the glistening white snow. We love the white trim against the lavender/blue paint that we chose.

Our three season room already received several compliments and we feel like we are on vacation as we drink our Sunday morning coffee, read the paper , and listen to soft jazz.

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