The Moving Experience- I am an expert. In the last 37 years my husband and I personally moved 9 times. We also moved our children multiple times, more times than I want to count, and my parents once. We spent Thanksgiving weekend moving our daughter to her first home as a homeowner; thus the reason for this post.

Moving is a pain. I’ll admit it, I hate moving. But as a new home designer, all of my clients need to move. And no, those of you reading this post will not benefit from my physical skills at moving. But I offer free advice. I won’t even lament on how difficult it was to move my daughter as I want to save her any embarrassment and would like her to be there for me in my old age.

The first rule of thumb in moving is to declutter all your belongings. I personally am not a saver. Given our numerous moves, I tend to keep our belongings streamlined. I try to live by the motto of, “if you haven’t used something in the last couple of years than it is time to consider getting rid of the item.” Albeit, that is somewhat difficult with wedding presents and family heirlooms. Before you start packing sort your things into groups:

1. for keeping

2. for donating

3. for selling

4. for throwing away.

Take pictures of the things you need to sell and post them on the many Facebook selling sites. Choose your charities and don’t worry about the multiple trips you make as others benefit from the donated items.

If you tend to be a pack rat or haven’t moved for many years, the task may seem daunting. Set yourself a schedule and start with one closet or one drawer. Work your way through them and around the room. Finish one room before starting on another. It can actually be somewhat fun going down memory lane.

Next, as each box gets packed make sure it is labeled well. This can be done right on the box or with a typed up list inventorying the contents of each box. If you employ a mover to load and unload your household items, this is an excellent method of ensuring nothing gets lost or damaged. Also make sure to mark the box on several sides describing the room in which it belongs. Make sure to keep important items such as checkbooks, passports, and closing papers in an envelope or safe place.

I’ve noticed that many people are self moving rather than using a moving company. If that is the case, plan ahead by gathering all the needed supplies. Boxes and often packing paper can be found for free by posting on Facebook or looking at Craigslist. If you ask ahead you may acquire boxes at local grocery stores, Kwik Trips, and liquor stores. Make sure you purchase plenty of packing tape and good markers. Survey your larger decor such as pictures and mirrors to decide what kind of packing material to use. Most importantly, do not plan to pack everything one weekend. We sold our condo at the end of last November and moved December 18th. Knowing we were going to move soon, I started packing unnecessary items early. Even for an expert, packing up a whole house can be overwhelming.

Bottom line when moving- plan ahead. Keep it organized to make the whole process easier for both the move out and the move in. Change your address early on subscriptions, contact the utility companies so you have power upon move in, decide on internet and TV services and schedule the appointments for the day after you move in to your new home. Don’t be afraid to clean out, toss, sell, or donate old unused item. Take it from someone who hates clutter and disorganization, by following these simple suggestions the moving experience won’t be so traumatic.

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