The artistic talent in the Fox Valley continues to amaze me. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy two different art shows, one in Appleton and the other in Kaukauna. The talented exhibitors in both shows hailed in and around the Fox Valley. The first show, “Take Me to the River”  continues until December 2, in the old Thilmany Mill in Kaukauna. The second show, “An Evening of Art 2016” was a one evening show and auction.

The raw talent displayed in both shows astounded me. Many of the artists’ works can be seen at the Trout Museum, local coffee shops, galleries, as well as galleries around the world. Many of the artists have won both local and international awards for their work. I really loved the fact that both shows were actually art shows and not craft shows. Don’t take  me wrong, I too, enjoy the cute craft shows but many times even I can occasionally reproduce something similar with a little work. Both “Take Me to the River” and and Evening of Art 2016″ had a diversity of work in multiple mediums. Some of the artists themselves displayed different mediums showcasing their talent and growth. Some art was easily interpreted while others left  it to your imagination. I also found it fun that even though I have only been in the Fox Valley for a short time, I knew several of the artists at each show. Albeit, some of my acquaintances were from living here previously, and one was in my Girl Scout Troop.

If you haven’t taken the time to visit “Take Me to the River” at the Grand Kakalin, I suggest you go soon. Check out the website and their Facebook page. Each day there is a different activity to engage the audience. They continue to have talks by the artists, music, readings, food, and how-to demonstrations by the artists.

The “Evening of Art 2016” planned and hosted by the Moses Montefiore Sisterhood ,auctioned off art by local artists to continue to support the Fox Valley art community. Proceeds went to the Trout Museum of Art. Again it was a lovely evening with food, wine, and art. If you missed this fantastic community event, I suggest you watch for its’ return next year.

This last picture is of the cheese carving at “Take Me to the River”, sponsored by company I work for, Jon Huss Custom Homes. The very talented Troy Landwehr of Kerrigan Brothers Winery showed off his talent during the opening night. The intricate carving of Jon Huss Custom Homes and the water running over the dam only took Troy a few hours to complete.

Again , the month of November brought out some extremely talented artists in the Fox Valley. I suggest you look for other venues where they display their art or stop by the Grand Kakalin before December 2. You don’t have to be an art aficionado to enjoy either event or to appreciate the local talent.


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