Really patience wasn’t my middle name or necessarily my strongest suit. But I think I deserve a name change, or at least a gold star. Why? Our 3 season room project continues, continues and continues.

Every time we see some progress in our new build, we seem to take a few steps back. I ask my contractor,”So, how are we looking?” His answer, “A few more weeks.” As I mutter under my breath or at least think I’ve heard that several times now, he says, “I seem to keep saying that.” Yes, I think, you do. And not only am I anxious to finally finish the project, we’d like to use the room while there is still a bit of warmth in the air, I’m tired of the dust and dirt entering my home. Riley, my dog, has gotten used to the constant company, loud radio playing NPR, and the hammering and sawing. I think he is going to have withdrawals when our contractor leaves for good.

It looks like we are getting close. The ceiling and drywall are hung and the light skip troweling on the walls looks like it is completed. Unfortunately the ceiling needs another coat of paint and I think there are at least a hundred nail holes to fill. We still need flooring, trim, a light installed, and gutters.

Now with the shorter days, it is dark when I get home and I can’t really asses the progress since we don’t have any lights.

Our patience is wearing so thin that we took tray tables out there and our patio chairs so we could enjoy our weekend coffee and bask in the heat. Unfortunately, this past weekend it was so messy that we couldn’t even do that. But speaking of the heat, once the sun is up and the sky clears, the room heats up nicely.

Patience when building or remodeling is a must. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have done both. Twice we remodeled our kitchens. We were told by the contractors to go ahead and gut the kitchens. We worked hard, completed our tasks, only to have the whole project delayed by 6 weeks. We are experiencing a huge shortage of contractors and trades people so expect delays in the building process. Plus, be nice to your contractor. They have so much work that if you don’t respect their time, are too demanding, and pushy, you might really regret it in the end.

So calling me Susie Patience is ok. And, I do provide my contractor with homemade cookies every once in awhile. Is the delay, dust, and a bit of frustration worth it when building? You bet! We will absolutely have a room that we love. Our contractor has done a great job in designing it and is picky about his work. I’m including a few pictures and my next post will be of a completed 3 season room.



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