Colors of the Season and Frost on the Pumpkin

As I write this blog, I’m basking in a sunny window, wearing sandals, and didn’t even wear a jacket today. This autumn day couldn’t be more glorious. It seems if I’m looking though rose colored glasses trying to believe the warm days and beautiful fall colors will last until spring.

We did have frost on the  pumpkin last week and experienced days in the 40’s in the Fox Valley, but my flowers prevailed. I decided to share one last post of our landscaping efforts for this year with pictures, as we worked hard to establish a brand new yard. Our issues with flooding and saturated soil continue thus we lost some plants. You can see the construction in the background as new sewers get laid. Hopefully they will redirect our drainage issues.

Unfortunately due to saturated soil we lost a burning bush, some delphiniums, balloon flowers and cone flowers. Our other plantings continue to do well. We can see year round color with the various evergreens, red twig dogwood,  lilac,hydrangeas, knock-out roses, perennial hibiscus, and Japanese maple. We hope our crimson maple, apple trees, and crab apple survive the winter. Surprisingly the daisies, coreopsis, and blanket flowers, and baby’s breath we started from seed continue to prosper. We also planted 60 spring bulbs so stay tuned for spring pictures.

Speaking of rose colored glasses, have you seen the beautiful sunrises and majestic sunsets recently? The colors of the season envelope me with peace and fulfillment, even with all the nasty stuff we continue to experience on the news and social media. I love looking at the beautiful fall colors and feel if everyone took a moment to experience the beauty of nature maybe they’d spew a little less hatred.

Take a moment or two and enjoy the colors of the season. I’m hoping they hang on for a little longer- maybe until spring.




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