Our building pains have abated. The much anticipated 3 season room is beginning to take shape. We couldn’t be more excited. Of course it’s not without some woes.

First of all, I am professed neat freak. And even though this building mostly take place on the outside of our home, I have some messiness issues with which to contend. First of all, I have spent the better part of the summer trying to perfect our lawn. I finally got my husband (the agronomist) to agree to spray the annual rye grass. It disappeared and the lawn took off. Unfortunately, due to traffic from the builders and the heavy equipment used right after a big rainfall, we now lost lots of the yard. The yard has developed a traffic pattern from the front to the back and given all the rain that keeps falling, some good muddy patches. Of course, it can be fixed and it is all part of the building process. The builders are also using the inside of my house to plug in some of their tools so I  must contend with dusty footprints on a daily basis. But in reality, it isn’t too bad.

The next issue is the RAIN. It doesn’t stop. The poor guys have had rain delays, gotten all wet, and had to deal with some slippery surfaces while roofing.We are now under roof and hope to have windows today.

So far, everything has gone well with the inspectors and the builders. If you need a recommendation, give me a call. While I work for a builder, we don’t do remodeling and additions unless it is our own construction. Hence, an outside contractor.

We love the height of the windows and you can see in the last picture how we will have windows at the top. The room fits in nicely with the roof line of our house. It promises to be light-filled and should not restrict the light in our kitchen too much. Riley, the dog, and I have already enjoyed some of the late summer warmth sitting in the 3 season (albeit all open) room. Stay tuned for the next steps, flooring, dry wall, windows, and carsiding on the ceiling.



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