We all want to live in our dream home. That dream home may differ depending on our budget, needs, and wants. But one thing is for certain when building your dream home is you will forget something. It is inevitable.

We work very hard at Midwest Design Homes and Jon Huss Custom Homes to ask you questions so that everything you want and need gets included. You may even  tire of our questions but that is what sets us apart. When we start to price out your next dream home, we ask you if you want things included in the bid or if you want them as an option. Having items bid as an option lets you know exactly how much they cost and allows you to decide whether you want to include them or not.

But, here comes the problem. Maybe you option the landscaping and appliances, and don’t include them into the bid. But what happens when you are ready to move in to your new home? If you haven’t budgeted for those items or included them back into the bid, you may have a problem. Now, you’ve got the beef, but have nowhere to put it. We really do try to help you think through the process before you get your loan. If you plan on buying new appliances and do not have tons of expendable cash on hand after the building is complete , we advise you put those items int your bid. Likewise, a new home does not include window treatments or landscaping. Given today’s low interest rates, adding money to you mortgage to cover the cost of appliances, landscaping, and window treatments is only going to cost you a few more dollars a month.

To recap, put the beef in your new refrigerator, enjoy the new yard, and close the shades for privacy in your new  dream home; purchased with the money that you included in your new home budget or added to the mortgage.

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