This post is not trying to dissuade you from building a home with me, rather, I always want my clients to be educated and well prepared for their building endeavors. And in all transparency, the more you spend building your home, the better it is for my company and me.That being said, the bottom line is that I do not want my clients to be unhappy or unpleasantly surprised.

You want to have money in your budget after move-in day for all of the other incidentals such as ; appliances, landscaping, furniture,rugs, and window treatments to decorate your new home. Having recently purchased a newly constructed home, I can attest to how quickly the money flies out the door. New homeowners need to assess what items are a must have and which ones are just on the wish list. It is advisable to make a Need vs. A Want list. Most importantly,DO NOT open any other loans or lines of credit for your new purchases before closing on your new home! Making purchases on credit could very well keep you from closing on your new home.

When applying for your new home/construction loan, assess what other purchases are necessary. Big ones to consider and pre- price are window treatments, appliances, landscaping, and rugs. IS this your first home or a move up? Do you need or just dream of new furniture, towels, and accessories? Do you already own lawn, landscaping, and snow removal equipment or does that need to be put into your budget? We recently moved to a condo before purchasing our new home and unfortunately sold most of our equipment. We considered having a service take care of all of our lawn and snow needs since it would be paid out on an as needed basis but figured it wouldn’t be cost effective in the long run. As the end of July nears, we have used the lawn mower enough times to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Of course, we’d all love to have new furniture in our new homes but unless you have lots of extra cash on hand, move into your new home and pace yourself on the purchases until you know what is really needed. Every time you hang a tool in the garage, need a paper towel holder, or another shelf, the costs add up.

I want to encourage you to build a new home  but it is best to be aware of all of the costs that might be incurred in the process. I never regretted building a new home as I made sure to budget for the necessities and advise my clients to do the same.

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