IMG_20160609_181454967Summer; it’s waning way too fast for me. We are almost to the end of July and I still have so much to do. And the problem- sometimes life and work get in the way!

I love summer and especially love discovering what the Fox Valley offers. I am so excited for the Trout Museum of Art at the Park this Sunday.We used to attend this great event in the romantic, family friendly City Park when we lived in Appleton previously. As a matter of fact, everyday I wear a beautiful pearl ring that I purchased there as my 30th birthday present. I get compliments on it all the time. I realize that many of the same artisans visit the different art fairs but the one at City Park is near and dear to my heart. I think it has something to do with the setting, the large trees, the gazebo, and the fact that we often played there with our friends who lived in the neighborhood.

I am also so excited to experience the 4th Mile of Music next week. My family, along with the news, has been talking about it all summer. We chose the weekend to celebrate my birthday and spend together as a family. Our daughters will most likely select the music venues for us to attend. The Mile of Music organized by Cory Chisel has put Appleton on the map. It is another great selling point for people moving here; especially from larger cities. Big city music without the traffic and crime!

As the weekends slip away, we did get to enjoy boating on the Wolf River last weekend. The clouds rolled in as we arrived at the river so the heat and humidity weren’t too bad. We had a great time watching all the people and looking at the homes along the river. We also stopped at the Bridge Bar to a cool drink and to listen to one of the local live bands.

The weather has been a bit disappointing as it has rained  on a few Thursday evenings. We love to attend the Heid Music Summer Concerts in both Houdini Plaza and Jones Park. Although the music and venue differ greatly from the Concerts on the Square in Madison, it hasn’t discouraged us from attending and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

As I said, time is too short to enjoy all that the area and summer have to offer. I’m looking for advice for myself and the new residents  I meet as a new home builder. What events and activities do you recommend in the Fox Valley during the summer?


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