divided house

You’ve heard the stories- “Don’t build a new home, it will be the end of your marriage!” Honestly, that does not have to be true, and it isn’t usually the case.

So, how do you avoid divorce when building a new home? The answer is 1 word, COMMUNICATION.

First, communicate with your partner to make a list of wants, must haves, dreams, and your budget. The dreams fall into the category of if I had all the money in the world or if there is extra money….

2. Decide together on the flexibility of your budget. Do you have room to go over and if so how much?

3.  Look at pictures, visit model homes, and showrooms to determine the style of home you desire. Do you like different styles? No problem, they can be merged together making the home even more interesting and unique to you.

4. Armed with your lists contact the builder of your choice. At your first meeting, make sure the builder is listening to you, understanding what you want, and that their communication style is cohesive to yours.

5. Lastly, during the final selection process make sure that you and your partner are staying within your budget. It helps to refer back to your list of actual needs and dreams.

I’ve built and remodeled homes and continue to be married to the same man after 37 years. We haven’t had any problems and have loved our completed projects. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes into building a new home. Good communication between all parties will make building a positive experience and you will get the home of your dreams.

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