Eagle swooping down for a fish in Lac Vieux Desert by Allie Oop Photography

Happy  4th of July- a little late. The eagle, our national bird, is a symbol of strength and freedom. A freedom we wish upon everyone. My family spent the holiday weekend watching the eagles soaring, feeding their young, and swooping down on the fish we were supposed to be catching. Eagles soaring above and even rather close are an awe inspiring sight of which we never tire.

We spent our long weekend vacationing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at Lac Vieux Desert. It was a gorgeous weekend of sunshine,crystal blue skies, fishing, and loving nature.  While we experienced some frustrations with a finicky boat motor that required some towing and paddling, we couldn’t have  enjoyed a better weekend. Our eyes were glued to the skies as we watched the eagles and finally discovered the nest close to our fishing spot. We could hear the eaglets calling for their mother. They are so spectacular as they soar  on the currents of the wind above the lake and trees .

The eagles weren’t the only wildlife we experienced. We also saw a loon swimming and diving for fish. Then on our last morning of fishing I saw something in the water. At first, I thought it was someone deep sea diving as I had seen a few days before. Then we thought it was a dog, but alas, we discovered it was a bear swimming across the lake. We had never seen anything like that before. The bear swam all the way across the lake and must have gone ashore near our resort. We asked if anyone else had seen it but no one was awake and out of the cabins at that time. I am posting a picture courtesy of Allison Jennings- Allie Oop Photography.

While our 4th of July weekend did not involve staying in the Fox Valley and enjoying fireworks, we fished, kayaked the headwaters of the Wisconsin River, and delighted in the sight of the soaring of the eagles; all while enjoying family time.

Bear out for a morning swim in Lac Vieux Desert


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