If you are anything like me you dread having cold feet; especially at night from standing on the cold bathroom tile floor. There are several possible remedies for relieving the cold feet dilemma:

  1. Heated floors- We had in-floor radiant heat in the lower level of our last home. Although a luxury, it is a pleasure walking on warm floors.
  2. Carpeting- Been there, done that and I loved having warm soft floors in the dressing room and by the sinks. The downside of carpeting in the bathroom is the attraction of stains especially from spilled makeup and conditioner from dripping hair. However, I wouldn’t recommend carpeting by the toilet and shower .
  3. Cork- Again we recently had cork in the master bath and loved the warmth and softness. Moisture may be an issue if the toilet overflows so be careful.
  4. Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank- This is much warmer and softer than ceramic or porcelain tile. LVT/LVP is a floating floor installed over an underlayment, can be grouted to look just like ceramic tile, and comes in beautiful designs.

We do suffer from freezing feet both summer and winter in our bathrooms which have ceramic tile. I highly recommend to my clients that they either use LVT in the bathroom or install a heated underlayment to keep those tootsies warm.

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