The Color of the Seasons- Landscaping Dilemma Solved


In a previous, I talked about our struggle with deciding how to landscape our barren new yard. The dilemma has been solved with a little sweat equity, design envy, and quite a few greenbacks.

We stayed pretty true to our original plan of two berms around the back of the yard. We wanted to build a wind block while creating color for all seasons at the same time. We did plant some larger  arborvitae to block the wind but with being so open it may not necessarily help. To contrast the large evergreens and provide us with winter color, we added a red twig dogwood in the front of the berm, and two smaller baby blue- eyed spruce to the ends. We also planted one zestar apple tree, one honeycrisp apple tree, a maple, and a dwarf flowering crab. We had our start, albeit they are small trees.

Our next problem continues to haunt us. Both my husband and I are like children in a candy shop when we visit a nursery  or garden center. We are hard pressed to keep our hands off of both bushes, trees, and flowers. We knew we wanted to have year round color but the issue of how to keep within our budget was the new dilemma. We may need to join gardener’s anonymous. Our larger berm with the arborvitae and red twig dogwood also received a dwarf flowering lilac which promises to flower multiple times during the year and pink flowering potentilla providing the summer color. The berm flanking the other side of the yard boasts two Alberta Spruce and a baby blue-eyed spruce for our year round green. We added a forsythia for spring color and a burning bush for fall color. Again pink potentilla grace the ends for the summer color. We have one somewhat sorry looking hydrangea that was planted in a pot and saved during our move. Of course it needed some companions so we bought two more to complete the berm.

We had the berms completed but still needed something near the house. We both love and covet the Japanese maple tree so we had to purchase one of those. We chose a variety with a more solid leaf rather than the lacy ones. We added some pink dwarf weigela at the back of the house and put in three knockout roses which are already flowering profusely. But wait, we weren’t done yet. Everytime we visited the garden center we commented on the cute flowering almond bushes. But we really were about done with the bigger items. Then my husband came home the day before his birthday and told me he saw the most beautiful bush at someone’s house when he was visiting their farm. He was pretty sure it was the flowering almond and he HAD to have it. Thus, he actually got a birthday present this year.

We really are almost done with the back yard. Except for the perennial hibscus my husband keeps talking about and the perennial garden that we will plant mostly by seed. We planted our annuals in an antique wheel barrel so that we do not have to dig another garden in the heavy clay soil. Our vegetable garden is planted in straw bales and raised containers.

Hopefully everything survives, especially with the flooding issue we currently have, and provides us with year round color, birds, and butterflies. I love looking out my windows at our gardens and silently encourage all the starter trees and bushes to hurry up and grow.


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