Who didn’t enjoy this past weekend’s awesome weather? It was the weekend all Wisconsinites have been yearning for months.  All of the blooming spring flowers and trees dressed in their spring finest made the beautiful weather even more enjoyable.

Although, like many of our neighbors, we took advantage of the weather to continue to work in our yard planting trees and flowers, we also took a road trip to Oshkosh.  When we lived here previously we journeyed to Oshkosh almost weekly but never took the opportunity to visit the Paine Art Center. Boy, did we miss out!

The Paine Art Center is an English Revival Tudor Country Home built for the Paine Family with construction beginning in 1927. The completion of the home became stalled by the depression and wasn’t completed until the later 1940’s. The Paine country estate, never lived in by the family, opened as a museum  in 1948. Jessie Paine served as president until her death at the age of 100.

While we did not have the time to go through the home and museum, we did tour the English Gardens. Upon first entering the gardens we noticed the most beautiful flowers called an”Ice Cream Cone” tulip. Pictured here they look very similar to a peony. Truly a sight to behold.

With the late spring the lilac, redbud, and crabapple trees were all in bloom. The g cool green gardens  provide a great place for contemplation, a quiet conversation, tea, or a wedding.

The Paine Art Center open year – round boasts an ever changing lineup of exhibits and activities. It offers history lessons, music, art, and elements of design in a historic English Country setting right here in Wisconsin. We are already planning our next visit to the Paine Art Center.

Upon leaving the Paine Art Center, we decided to drive through Oshkosh, the university, and along the lakeshore. We discovered a great family friendly park along the shores of Lake Winnebago called Menominee Park, Zoo, and Little Oshkosh Playground. It stretches for 109 acres along the lakeshore and has beautiful picnic spots, watersports, a playground, zoo,paddleboats, and even a miniature train.

While I know we have many more wonderful attractions, music, and nature to discover in Northeast Wisconsin, we were grateful that we took the time for this little road trip.These attractions are another prime example of why Northeast Wisconsin beckons new residents and entices the old to stay.  What is your favorite destination in the Fox Valley and surrounding areas?

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