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Getting out the door in the early morning is always hard for me, as it is for many other  people. But one of the most tranquil parts of my early morning routine is listening to the music along Apple Creek.

Our relocation to Appleton constituted a move to the very north side, just steps away from the walking/biking path along Apple Creek. I happily start my day, (only on the days above freezing) walking my dog along Apple Creek. Unfortunately, since I’m not the earliest riser, we only get about a mile of walking done. But that mile is filled with music and tranquility. I love the quiet calm of the running water and the sounds of the animals and birds  that  make the creek their habitat. When I first started walking along Apple Creek the only birds were the ducks and geese. In the past few weeks I have enjoyed sighting an egret as well as different songbirds, kildeer, and sand hill cranes. I think I may have even seen a fox one morning in the tall weeds. The past few days have brought out the baby ducklings swimming alongside Ma and Pa duck and the new sand hill crane chicks. I notice  well behaved  babies  following alongside their parents. If only our children would stay that close!

The music along Apple Creek changes in the evening. I don’t usually have the path to myself; instead sharing it with other walkers and their dogs, bikers, and athletic runners and skaters on rollerblades. I still hear the kildeer, ducks, and songbirds, but they are joined by frogs and the sound of children  playing along the creek; shouting with glee at their discoveries. It brings me back to my childhood and the hours  my brother and I spent with our friends catching crawdads and wading in the creek. Also in the evenings, when I have more time, I occasionally stop to peer over the bridge in search of the minnows and larger fish.

As the seasons change and the day wears on the music changes along Apple Creek. I appreciate the effort that went into building this great path along with the glimpses into nature it provides for the Fox Valley community.

Where is your favorite walking path in the Appleton and Fox Cities area?


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