Parents, grandparents, and children in the Fox Valley and Green Bay area have a great reason to celebrate this weekend, Opening Day of Bay Beach Amusement Park.

Our family and friends, along with thousands of other families spent countless hours at the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Bay Beach, a regional amusement park, is one of the most affordable attractions for families and tourists. Dating back to the late 1800’s, Bay Beach was donated to the city in the early 190o’s. The park offers free admission, numerous shelters, a wildlife sanctuary, and best of all, inexpensive rides. It was decreed, that the rides would remain affordable. Today, the rides continue to cost only twenty-five cents. Where else can you entertain your children with a train ride and roller coasters and stay on budget?  Of course the park offers ice cream, hot dogs, chips, and all of the usual junk food options. Bay Beach has got to be one of the best sites for a staycation. The Friends of Bay Beach keep improving the park with new rides and  updates.

For all the parents of young families, and people thinking about moving to the Fox Valley, I highly recommend packing a picnic, some bathing suits, sweatshirts (as it is often chill along Green Bay), some sunscreen, and a couple of ten dollar bills and make the jaunt up to Bay Beach. You will create memories to last a lifetime. We have numerous photos of our daughters as toddlers enjoying the rides and sights at Bay Beach.

Please share you memorable experiences at the Bay Beach Amusement Park.

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