On Saturday, May 7th, the Kentucky Derby takes place in the Fox Valley. Well, that is not exactly true, it is a Kentucky Derby Party hosted by the Appleton Area Newcomers Club.

While moving to a new area makes it difficult to meet people and make new friends, the Appleton Area Newcomers Club makes life easier as everyone shares a similar experience.The Kentucky Derby Party will certainly make it easy to start conversations with new acquaintances. Of course, everyone will want to know if you made your own hat or bought a ready to wear hat. And then tongues are sure to loosen over the homemade mint juleps. The party is sure to heat up as the bets are placed and the horses dance to the starting gate. And they are off!

As the competition around the track heats up, new friendships will be forged. Like the Kentucky Derby, life is short, and making new friends quickly in your new hometown is so much easier with the Newcomers Club. The choice of activities can fill your calendar on an almost daily basis and relieve the loneliness that newcomers often feel.

We are very excited about the Fox Valley Kentucky Derby but are worried that our hat will stand up to the scrutiny of the creative ladies in attendance. Should we make a wide brimmed hat or a fascinator? Do we use netting and feathers, or flowers and bows? We are open to all of your suggestions.

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