Today’s lifestyle is all about comfort. Create warm welcoming spaces that beckon you to relax and slow down, even if it is only for a few minutes or a couple of hours. Whether building a new home or redecorating your space, follow these 7 tips to create a warm cozy room.

  1. Be a minimalist. Keep your room, floor, counters, and walls free of clutter. Remember, less is more, is easier on the senses. Decorating with several signature pieces or accessories to rest your eyes on is better then a crowded room in which your eyes don’t know where to land.
  2.  Decorate with plush and cozy furniture. Comfortable furniture calls you to sit down and relax. A bed made with pillows and a fluffy comforter says, “Come and lay on me.” Cozy and plush doesn’t necessarily mean overly large furniture, just make sure it is comfortable and fits you well.
  3. Allowing natural sunlight in the room during the day invites you to sit and relax in the sunbeam. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting with a cup of coffee or tea and feeling the natural warmth of the sunshine. Avoid using harsh lights during the evenings, instead opt for dimmed mood lighting to create a warm ambiance. Lamps and chandeliers in the bedroom or great room offer softer light than recessed lights. Recessed lights are best for work spaces such as the kitchen.
  4. Most clients continue to request wood floors but are also choosing to add carpeting in the bedrooms and great rooms. Decorating with a plush area rug on top of wood floors anchors the furniture in a bedroom or great room while enticeing you to sink your feet into it much as you would do with warm sand on a beach.
  5. Water features bring the outside in and create a dreamy feeling in a home.  Adding a small fountain or a water wall to your room can help to ease the tensions of the outside world.
  6. Paint your walls a more neutral color such as beige, soothing whites, pale grays, or a calming blue. Keeping the walls neutral but adding brighter accessories also allows you to change your decor more frequently.
  7. Bring the outside in. Decorate your room with green plants and natural elements such as acorns, pine cones, wood, or rattan accessories. Don’t overdo it but a few well placed items help to create a more relaxing environment.

We live such busy lifes’ overwrought with technology and noise that creating a cozy retreat  in our homes encourages rest and relaxation.What tips do you have for creating a cozy space in your home?

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