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Does the Thought of Moving Paralyze You?


Does the thought of moving emotionally and physically paralyze you? Sometimes moving is a necessity, either because of  job or life change. Even if the move is initiated by your own desire to move and make a change it isn’t any easier.

Just the thought of downsizing, decluttering, tossing, and packing overwhelms many people. Even before listing the house for sale, steps must be taken to prepare. As an experienced mover, and having just moved my elderly father on the spur of the moment, I have advice to offer. Moving takes strategic planning. Don’t look at the whole house at one time. You will become buried under an avalanche. Start small and work up to the task. This can be done even if you have a short time frame.

First of all, start with a list. If you have time, start with the repairs that must be made to sell the house. Contact repair companies and get quotes. I also advise that if the house isn’t brand new, get your own pre- inspection. This will help you decide what needs to be fixed in order to recap more money from the sale of your home. Before you paint, clean carpets, and wash windows start with your decluttering process.

Decluttering and tossing can be taxing. Start with one room at a time. Make 3 piles: save, toss, and donate. The items that you save need to also be divided into need everyday or can be packed up for future use. If it is June or July, then pack up the winter clothes and holiday decorations. Neatly stored boxes show much better than over crowded closets. Do the same thing with your papers, home decor, and books, etc. Decluttering and simplifying your life becomes cathartic. You don’t want to move with lots of baggage, emotional and physical.

Once the decluttering is completed it is time for a deep clean. Before putting the house on the market, clean the walls, the carpet, the windows, paint, and replace the lightbulbs. Make sure the front of the house is clean , sparkling, and welcoming to the new owners.

If you know your next destination in life, while waiting for the house to sell, call several movers and get quotes. The best piece of advice that I can give people before moving is to take a deep breath. It will all get done if you take it step by step. The second piece of advice I can give you is to buy a big shovel and rent a dumpster. The third piece is to call me. A Realtor with moving experience is invaluable.

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were-moving OR NOT!

This post hopefully brings about some discourse as I encourage your comments and thoughts.

I don’t understand why someone takes a few pictures of their house, grabs a high price, and posts it on websites with the message, “Make Me Move.” Sometimes people are still living in the house yet others have already moved and continue paying the holding costs, energy bills, and shelling out taxes for two homes.

I’ve spoken to several people who have done just this with the attitude, “If someone wants to pay me this much, I’ll sell it to them.” Yes, it has been a Sellers market in the recent past but the Buyers are also savvy. I wonder how many Buyers will make an offer on a house priced that way. Do you think this is a good marketing tactic? Are these Sellers successful?

Some homeowners think because they’ve updated or remodeled their homes they should get a complete return on their investment or even more money. So they throw out a price. Remember not all updates pay off, especially 100%. Sometimes you need to look at it as whether you and your family are benefiting from the updates or maybe they were necessary for the integrity of the house.  Those type of updates don’t necessarily give a large return on your investment.

My thoughts are either you want to sell your house or your don’t. As a Realtor I feel a house should be priced correctly by using comparables, assessing the condition and location of the house, and studying the market. I don’t think the real estate market is a place to play games. Often times putting a house up for sale at a price higher than it is worth hurts the actual sale. When the Seller gets serious, they might get even less for the home because they have been trying to sell if longer and it gets stale.

What do you think of the “Make Me Move” listings?


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What’s Your Plan?

The AARP membership letter arrived in the mail, you receive numerous invitations to “Plan Your Retirement Seminars”, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans haunt you. But you don’t feel that old until you look in the mirror or try to run up the stairs multiple times to retrieve forgotten items. Now is the time to plan for your future living options before it is too late.

You might physically be able to take care of the yard today but what is going to happen in the future? Several concerns need to be addressed when deciding on living options as you age. Physical safety and financial security top the list. Also take into consideration the proximity of family, doctors, and friends.  We all want to stay as independent as possible so we need to consider the following:

  1. Is it feasible to remain in your current home? Is your home all on one level with easy access? Or are extensive renovations such as front entry ramps, bath bars, wider halls and doorways, zero entry showers or sit- in tubs required? Renovations can be quite expensive as well as messy and frustrating to live through. Making renovations still doesn’t answer the question of who continues to maintain the house and yard. You must also consider whether asking family or hiring help will become both financially and emotionally overwhelming for all involved.

2. Consider purchasing or renting a barrier- free home. If your home requires extensive costly renovations maybe it is time to make a move. Purchasing or renting a barrier-free home or apartment may allow for aging in place more independently.  Choosing a location near family and friends or in a senior living community can help to alleviate loneliness, isolation, and depression.

3. Buy or build a granny pod or a multi generational home with family. Home plans are available with separate wings for privacy. Another option if there is enough space is to build a granny pod in the backyard that allows for easy access.  Some families buy duplexes/ side by side homes so they can continue to care for each other. These types of living situations can benefit both the older generation and the younger ones; especially those with younger grandchildren.

The decision to age independently in place requires planning. Be sure to involve a trusted financial adviser as well as your family when planning for your future.

If you are interested in learning about your home’s value, the selling process, and/or finding a new property, please reach out to me.